Three study friendly cafés in Wellington

Three study friendly cafés in Wellington

Wellington is overflowing with so much culture and so much life, day in and day out. But nothing speaks more to a university student’s constant longing-for-a-caffeine-fix heart than the unbelievable coffee culture.

Shot down Cuba Street, Wellington at Dixon Street traffic lights, including iconic colour umbrella and Cuba street sign.An integral part of the city’s culture and recognised worldwide with CNN even naming it one of the top eight international coffee destinations! The best part? You can always find a great café, five feet away from you—wherever you are in the city—whether you want to study and catch up on your readings or just to lay back and grab a good ol’ cup of joe.

Here are my top three cafés around Wellington City:


For every ‘grab-and-go’ coffee drinkers, Coffix is perfect for you. Most accessible to students who spend more of their time near the Pipitea Campus and Lambton Quay. Coffix’s coffee is pretty much best friends with every student’s budget. The short walk to Coffix from the campus offers a short break and chance to stretch your legs before going back to studying.

Café Panama

Tucked slightly between Courtney Place and Taranaki Street lies this cosy little café. From the friendly service of the staff who will empathise with all the studying you have to do, the handy Wi-Fi connection available to the food and the coffee. Despite having a great playlist for their background music, Café Panama is not noisy, creating the perfect place to study.

QBA Café

Situated smack dab in the heart of Cuba Street, QBA Café does not only give you the chance to have a good cup of flat white but also an opportunity to just people watch while taking a break from studying or perusing scholarly opinions. QBA Café offers a tidy and comfortable place and Wi-Fi connection handy for students.

Wellington is host to many unique local cafes with its own rich coffee culture. There are always ‘new’ cafés that will catch your eye so have fun trying to find your ‘café’ where you can study and relax in.

Fergielyn Catayoc is a third year arts and law student and is also a Campus Coach.

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