eBikes at Wellington

eBikes at Wellington

Knowing what an eBike is and how one works has changed Ehsan Hazaveh’s lifestyle significantly. In this myView blog post he explains all the various benefits of going electric and how you can enjoy it too.

Ehsan enjoys a sunny ride into the Beaglehole Courtyard on his eBike, purchased through the University’s scheme.

Since I was a child growing up in Iran, I’ve loved riding bikes. But because of air pollution in my home city, Tehran, I never really used a bike as a commuter.

I moved to New Zealand to do my PhD in 2018. My PhD addresses how to better convey refugees’ stories in collaboration with them by developing humanitarian approaches of photographic storytelling. As a student/photographer who is eager to see different places and meet different people, buses are not a very practical option.

Living in Wellington, I soon realised that having a bike and using it as a commuter wasn’t practical. I’ve tested myself a couple of times, with a regular bike, to see if I could do the Kelburn-Khandallah route, from the University to my house. It was a good exercise but was difficult riding through the hills, especially on windy days and especially on those days when you don’t need any other challenges.

2019 was a great year for me, for a couple of reasons—one of which was because the Sustainability Office provided me an e-bike for several test rides to see if it would be right for me. Now, I can say my whole life is divided into before and after first experiencing the e-bike. I’m joking, but knowing how practical and enjoyable it is travelling on an e-bike has changed my lifestyle considerably.

Both students and staff can purchase discounted eBikes until August 30.

Why? After a few times using the university’s e-bike, I bought myself one. Since then, much has changed and my lifestyle has improved because it’s a very good way to get physical and mental exercise. I see the two hours of my everyday riding as an effective time to feed my body and mind. I have also cut down on bus expenses and fuel payments. Using e-bikes can be even faster than using a car, considering traffic and the time you spend finding a park.

I’ve ridden my e-bike to the university for more than a year and I don’t know how I would find enough time to get  exercise without it. It has also given me the opportunity to see more spots in Wellington and even other cities as I sometimes travel to other suburbs and cities such as Palmerston North.

Ehsan Hazaveh is a PhD student studying Media Studies. Read more about how Ehsan is challenging the stereotypical stories people often see in the media about refugees.

The University encourages students and staff to use low carbon forms of transport. The eBike Purchase Scheme is offered to all students and staff.   You can purchase as many bikes as you want during the offer period—between 17 August to 30 August 2020. Find out more.

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