Keeping well on campus

Keeping well on campus

Looking after yourself is just as important as developing a good study routine at this time of year.

Michelle Benson, clinical nurse lead at Student Health (Mauri Ora), shares some tips on how to stay healthy while studying at Victoria University of Wellington.

1. Eat a well-balanced diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, limit saturated fats, and moderate sugar and salt intake. Joining the Victoria University of Wellington Fruit and Vegetable co-operative is a great, and affordable, way to ensure you’re getting your 5+ a day.

2. Stay hydrated—drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and sugary drinks, and drink alcohol in moderation.

3. Be physically active for 30 minutes most days of the week. Victoria Recreation has great membership options for students who want to work out on campus, or explore Wellington as part of the 4 Peaks, 4 Weeks challenge

4. Getting enough sleep is a crucial part of your health and supports your learning. Adults need around eight hours of sleep a night.

5. Don’t smoke, or if you do quit. You can book a 30 minute appointment with a nurse at Student Health (Mauri Ora) to get help and advice on how to quit. 

6. Wash your hands often.

7. Get a flu vaccination before winter, which will be free for all students at Student Health (Mauri Ora).

8. Find a work/life balance to manage stress in your life, but it’s important to ask for help when you need it.

9. If you’ve moved away from home, stay in touch with your family and friends. I’m sure they’ll be just as happy to hear from you, as you are to chat to them!

10. Maintain a positive attitude, and do things that make you happy.

There is a wide range of support available to all Victoria University of Wellington students. If you run into a problem, whatever it is, there’s someone to help. You can find out more about student services and support on our website.

Students who are registered with Student Health (Mauri Ora) receive free routine appointments on campus. It’s easy to register, so get this sorted before you need to see a doctor or nurse. Our doctors and nurses provide a full range of health services, including appointments for contraception, sexual health checks and preventative healthcare such as immunisations.

For appointments, cancellations or general enquiries, call +64 4 463 5308 or visit us at the Mauri Ora or Te Taunaki reception desk.

Michelle Benson is a registered nurse and has worked at Student Health (Mauri Ora) for two years.

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