Life as an International student in Wellington

Life as an International student in Wellington

Sinosh Babu has had a unique student experience over the last couple of years. After returning home to India during the pandemic and studying with the University online, he’s recently returned to Wellington to continue his degree in-person. In this myView blog post he explains where his journey has taken him and how he’s benefited from the help he’s received along the way.

International student Sinosh Babu at Poneke Wellington Harbour.

Kia ora everyone! My name is Sinosh and I am a final-year international student and International Student Ambassador pursuing my Bachelor of Commerce degree. I began my studies at the University in July 2019, and I have loved every second of it. In this blog, I will explain why I chose Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington and how much support the University provides for international students.

Why I chose Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington

This is a great university for Commerce students. With campuses situated near the Wellington Central Business District (CBD), my fellow students and I are exposed to a commercially busy environment that enables us to explore all the city has to offer. The course structure is set up in a way that allows for a proper study-life balance, meaning there’s enough time for social activities while focusing on assignments and study.

A picture of the Aotearoa New Zealand coastline from the plane as I entered the country.

How international student support has helped me along the way

In September 2020, I had to leave New Zealand due to personal reasons and was stuck home in India for more than a year. That meant that I studied most of my second year at the University online. The International Student Support team (ISST) did everything they could to support students who were stuck overseas to get back to New Zealand. The team helped me to get an exemption granted by the government and aided me with getting my visa renewed. After getting a Managed Isolation and Quarantine (MIQ) spot after months of struggle, I managed to get back to New Zealand in November. The International Student Support Team stayed in touch with me throughout the process, and just seconds after I landed back in New Zealand, I got a warm welcome from the University via email and a phone call to make sure I checked into MIQ smoothly.

A breathtaking view of Wellington from the University’s Kelburn Campus on a bright sunny day.

Feeling connected and secure in my new environment

It is the small things like this that make international students feel like they are at home, secure, cared for, and looked after. I’m grateful for the sense of belonging they’ve given me and how they’ve made me feel connected to the University.

I am really fortunate to be a student here, because it has provided me with all the resources I need to jumpstart my career and helped with anything I’ve needed. In other words, Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington is a home away from home.

Sinosh Kumar Babu is studying for a Bachelor of Commerce at Wellington School of Business and Government.

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