Meditation on campus

Meditation on campus

Student Laura Casssin explains to myView what students can gain from taking time out from study to meditate.

We are living amid a pandemic…but I’m not talking about COVID-19. Despite their best efforts, people are increasingly contending with “mind-unwellness” and “mindful-less”.   

Student Laura Cassin runs a meditation session every weekday in The Bubble, SU 216 Student Union building.

So what’s afflicting our minds in the modern world?  Perhaps it’s the persistent lure of social media, cunningly manipulating our dopamine rhythms and latching us to their platforms? It’s no wonder that in the past few years, attention spans have dropped by 25 per cent. Perhaps advertising is to blame, praying on our insecurities to make us feel that things are never ok as they are and we must BUY the solution. It’s unsurprising depression and anxiety levels are soaring when we’re so regularly being told that things aren’t quite right.

These things were the foundation of why we formed MindWell—a student club on a mission to heal and empower ourselves from the inside out using the basis of mindfulness meditation.

There’s a full programme of wellbeing workshops in Trimester 1 and throughout the rest of the year.

The mindfulness movement has been gaining momentum in the West but has its roots in Eastern philosophy. A growing body of scientific evidence has led psychologists and educators to include meditation in their programmes. Mindfulness has been found to increase your attention span and improve memory, empathy, communication skills, and sleep.

So, what’s the catch? Participants need to be able to sit in silence without moving and attempt to direct the mind’s attention. Meditation isn’t as easy as gulping down an energy drink, popping a sleeping pill, or sinking a few beers to eliminate those Friday night nerves. Instead, it’s about reclaiming autonomy over the mind through a committed meditative effort. The practice itself is simple, it gets easier every time, and the gratification is instant. Discover it for yourself!

At 9.20 am every weekday in the Bubble (level 2 Student Union Building), you can join other students in a quick and simple meditation practice. There’s no theology or woo-woo stuff, just practical tools to empower yourself so you can get back in the driver’s seat of your mind.

Laura Cassin is a Bachelor of Science student, President of MindWell meditation club, and a wellbeing workshop facilitator.

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