Returning with confidence

Returning with confidence

It is no surprise that some of us may be feeling more stressed than usual with the gradual shift out of lockdown and back to normality. You might be worried about returning to campus, but with these tips and tricks we can adapt and overcome.

Author Vanessa Sieng and her cat NooNoo

Do some research

It only takes a few minutes to read up on the restrictions for different alert levels. Keep in mind the most important steps for keeping you and the people around you safe.

Plan ahead

If you are thinking of heading back to campus, gather information from the University website about the protocols we have in place. Remember your student ID cards. Public transport may be a little different than usual, so check timetables, account for potential delays, and have your Snapper card ready (if you have one).

Cultivate self-care habits

Having good habits of self-care can help relieve anxiety. Simple steps like bringing along a pair of headphones to listen to your favourite podcast on the bus can be beneficial. Student wellbeing also has great resources and workshops so you can continue to practice good self-care habits like meditation, study tech habits, and balanced eating.

If you feel like you need more support, don’t hesitate to contact Mauri Ora (Student Health and Counselling). Remember that it’s normal and okay to feel uneasy being in public again but when we are sensible about the precautions, we can be alert rather than anxious.

Vanessa Sieng is studying for a Master’s in Psychology.

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