Students present strategic marketing plans to Zealandia

Students present strategic marketing plans to Zealandia

Enrolling in MARK303: Strategic Marketing Management sees students develop a market analysis, business presentation and strategic marketing plan for a real organisation.

The top five students presented their marketing plans to Zealandia, a world-class conservation project and attraction in Wellington. One of these students, Sarah Postlethwaite, shares an insight into her experience.

Sarah Postlethwaite (pictured back row, fourth from left) with fellow students, School of Marketing tutors and staff, Lecturer Dr Daniel Laufer, and Zealandia staff following the presentations.

This trimester I completed MARK303: Strategic Marketing Management, the capstone course in the Marketing degree. It focuses on environmental analysis, brand management, and strategy formulation, using an integrated case-based approach. We were fortunate enough to work with Zealandia throughout the trimester, developing a market analysis, business presentation, and strategic marketing plan.

In the first lecture, Cam Hayes, Senior Marketing Advisor at Zealandia, came to present the Zealandia case to us. He talked about Zealandia’s mission, its current operations, problems and opportunities. Zealandia is the world’s first fully-fenced urban ecosanctuary, and has a vision to restore Wellington’s ecosystems as closely as possible to their pre-human state. Cam talked about how they wanted to continue to share this vision with domestic and international tourists, increase membership, and increase visitation levels in winter.

It was great being able to apply knowledge from MARK303 and the other marketing papers I’ve completed throughout my degree to Zealandia, which has such an inspiring vision. It was important to me that I really understood what success meant to Zealandia as I worked on the assignments. My strategic marketing plan was based on two key pillars that are fundamental to Zealandia—community and conservation. The aim of this plan was to bring community into conservation through increasing the number of family memberships purchased.

As a result of our performance throughout the course, myself and four other students (Priya Parbhu, Sam Thomson, Holly Martorana, and Zreh Sahukar) were invited to present our strategic marketing plans to Zealandia. It was an incredible experience showing Zealandia all the hard work we had put in over the past 12 weeks and hearing feedback on our ideas. Seeing what the other students recommended to Zealandia was also really interesting, especially because everyone took such a different and creative approach to the same problems.

Students often question the relevance of what we learn at university, but this is a great example of putting theories and concepts into practice to solve problems within real organisations. Presenting to Zealandia showed us that what we had worked on throughout the trimester and in our degrees could actually add a lot of value, with Zealandia expressing interest in implementing our ideas.

Sarah Postlethwaite is a final year Conjoint Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Marketing, International Relations, and Political Science.

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