Looking back on summer life in Trimester 3

Looking back on summer life in Trimester 3

Studying in Trimester 3 helps to keep the flow of University life going across summer, as Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Commerce student Melissa Du Toit explains.

Melissa Du Toit enjoying the sun at Kelburn Campus

My first year at Victoria University of Wellington was 2018 and after a great year of study, with two trimesters covered by the fees free scheme, I made the choice to also study in Trimester 3 over summer. At the time I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to do all the summer things I wanted, but it meant I could get my compulsory courses done faster. As the trimester progressed I realised that even though I was studying I’d still end up having plenty of time off.

The way that my courses were set up meant that once classes were over in December, I had assignments in one month and then exams in the next– The timing was perfect to both enjoy my summer and gain extra papers. One of the best things about the University is that the academics are fantastic, and that’s a huge part of why I love being a student here. My favourite paper from Trimester 3 would have to be Management 202, Organisational Behaviour, because it’s a mixture of my two favourite topics–Psychology and Management. I love that classes are a lot smaller, so you tend to interact with your classmates in a way that leads to more student discussions and time to interact with lecturers and tutors, the whole atmosphere was a lot more relaxed.

Studying down at Pipitea Campus was great because it’s so close to the harbour, and during my breaks I’d go down to the waterfront and stroll around with my friends in the sun. Kelburn Campus is nice too, because you’re so close to the Botanic Gardens which means you can go down and relax between classes. The campus itself is also fantastic, with lots of places outside to relax in the sun or get some study done. The campuses are a lot quieter over the summer months allowing for a lot more space to quietly chill out or study.

Trimester 3 isn’t just good for advancing your study but can also be helpful for people who might not have been able to complete a course, for whatever reason, in trimesters 1 and 2. I know someone who failed a course during the year, but then completed it in trimester three, so it gives you that opportunity to catch up if things have gone wrong. Studying over trimester 3 also gives you an edge when heading back to university in trimester 1 because you don’t have to adjust back to been away from study for over three months. They’re adding more courses to Trimester 3 all the time. Next year they’ll be adding courses that I need for my degree so I’ll definitely be studying in Tri 3 again then.

Melissa is studying towards a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and International Relations, and a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management and minoring in Public Policy.

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