The rewards of our leadership programmes

The rewards of our leadership programmes

With the recent success of Leadership Week 2022, student Hector Slade is inspired to get others to join our two University leadership programmes. In this myView blog post, he takes us through what they are, what they’re about, and how you can gain vital knowledge and experiences for your future.

Hector prepares to restart play while umpiring in the Wellington AFL league.

Kia Ora Koutou, I’m Hector Slade.

As future leaders of the world, I believe it is important for us all to get involved and be inspired to enact change for the greater good. Our University offers two great leadership programmes to support this: Wellington Plus and the Wellington International Leadership Programme (WILP).

Joining either of these programmes is a great motivator for external engagement alongside your studies and to help you make the most of opportunities for personal and professional development. The programmes are self-paced, which means you can easily fit them in around your study, work, and social calendars. Completion of either programme is recognised on your academic transcript by the University. It is worth it and very rewarding.

My experience of Wellington Plus and WILP

I’m studying accounting as a major and the emphasis put on social and environmental issues when conducting business is important to the future of accounting and business. I started off doing the Wellington Plus programme and I’ve now also joined up to do WILP. I was attracted to Wellington Plus for the personal and professional development it offers.

I was already involved with sport in New Zealand with umpiring the Wellington AFL league and managing the Karori Golf Club, and Wellington Plus offered me a sense of recognition for the community work I was doing. This included some volunteering work with Assisted Golf at the Royal Wellington Golf Club, where I play golf with those suffering with dementia. I chose to do this in honor of my grandfather who had been living with dementia for several years back home in Australia. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to see him again before he passed away in March this year, so this work has been very important to me.

Assisted Golf at the Royal Wellington Golf Club, where Hector has been volunteering.

A few months after I signed up for Wellington Plus I read about the Wellington International Leadership Programme and decided to sign up for that as well. What drew me to registering for the Wellington International Leadership Programme was that it offers an international aspect which is so important in todays society. Both programmes complement each other and the seminars on offer through WILP are great learning and development opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without signing up.

My most recent highlight in WILP happened earlier this year when I was heavily involved in the organization of the Africa Golf Day at the Karori Golf Club. This was an event that highlighted the cultures and tastes of Africa. The Egyptian Embassy and the South African High Commission sponsored the day along with the African Communities Council Wellington, providing goat curry, live music, and great prizes for the day. Being the main liaison point on the day between the organisers and the club, I was able to offer my existing event management skills to ensure the day ran smoothly. It was amazing to witness and experience the strong sense of community that everyone has for each other and the shared cultures across the continent.

The Mandela and Simba trophies.

Hector Slade is a second-year student studying for a Bachelor of Commerce at the Wellington School of Business and Government. He is a member of the University’s two leadership programmes: Wellington Plus and the Wellington International Leadership Programme.

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