Tips from the recruiters

Tips from the recruiters

This year it’s been more important than ever to keep up with changes in the graduate recruitment market. Wellington Careers and Employment wants to help prepare you for a changing economy and in this myView blog, we share advice from graduate recruiters for current students entering the job market.

A good LinkedIn game has been one of the key themes of 2020.

As recruitment processes and events went digital, we saw savvy students connect with recruiters on LinkedIn and use it as a platform to maintain relationships. Following the graduate recruiters from your ‘dream’ organisations gives you a massive insight into what they’re looking for.

You have developed a plethora of skills during your degree that make you employable.

Critical thinking, research skills and an ability to challenge thoughts and ideas will all stand you in good stead. Find a way to communicate these skills to employers in your cover letter and application.

One carefully put together, engaging application is worth ten generic applications.

Less can be more when looking for a job. Challenge yourself and do the research on which employers truly align with your passions and values.

Soft skills are hugely attractive to employers, acting as the core of a well-rounded professional.

The 2020 graduating cohort are going to be recognised by employers for their strength, ability to work with ambiguity, creativity in a crisis and ability to advocate for themselves and peers. If nothing else, COVID-19 has given bags of material for those ‘tell us about a time when you….” interview questions!

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