Uni and Careers—Interviews, job selection, and feedback

Uni and Careers—Interviews, job selection, and feedback

In the second part of his blog, student Ayash Nair continues to explore the tools that have helped him navigate the graduate job market.

I have been to a few of the Wellington Careers and Employment presentations and expos, and found them useful for understanding the grad opportunities and future careers related to my degree. Interacting directly with prospective employers from both public and private sectors was huge.   

I got useful feedback from CV360 but I felt that I needed a bit more, so my next step was to contact the Careers team for specific advice on how to best express my strengths and capabilities in my CV at the outset.

I found the advice from the Careers team and individual advisors/consultants to be extremely valuable. The online Career Centre complimented the individualised feedback I received and was easily accessible. I got advice on the structure and layout of my CV, and encouragement from the Careers team.

It can sometimes take a few days to get this type of specific CV feedback depending on how busy the team is at different parts of the year, so getting in early before the rush was really beneficial for me looking back.

Another useful online resource that I’ve started to engage with recently is ‘Interview360’.

With COVID-19, there’s definitely been a shift towards online hiring platforms (and the stock standard Zoom interviews) so I’ve found working through the mock interviews, practice questions, key points and instant feedback and advice helped me get better at interviewing both promptly and effectively.

A look at the user interface of the Online Career Centre’s Interview360 homepage.

Interview360 also has a range of both general interview advice as well as technical details for online recruitment processes and webinars—like ‘optimising video quality and camera positioning’—which are worth a read.

The University’s online resources have been useful in developing a stronger application and getting personalised feedback through its dedicated career programmes and pathways has given me a lot more confidence in going forward with this current graduate recruitment round.  

Interview360 tests your performance in interviews by breaking it down into feedback on what you did well and what needs some work.

I’m still exploring a lot of the tools that are available—while I’m continuing to work through Interview360 at this stage, I’m interested to learn more about things like workplace skills, well-being and self-awareness through the different modules, activities, self-assessment tools and articles that are all there online. I definitely recommend checking these resources out and giving them a go to see how they can help!

Ayash Nair is studying towards a conjoint Law & Arts degree, majoring in International Relations and History, and minoring in Political Science.

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