VUWSA Studenthacks

VUWSA Studenthacks

So, now you’re a Wellingtonian…. It’s time to educate yourself on the best things to know about the city with these VUWSA student life-hacks for 2020 (it’s all about the deals and enjoying what’s free).

The VUWSA president makes a healthy purchase at the Tim Beaglehole Courtyard market

Public transport

As far as student discounts go, the Metlink Tertiary Concession is a must with 25 percent off for full-time students. All you need is to register your student ID to your Snapper card online and you’re good to go!  Have classes at two different campuses on the same day? VUWSA has your back. Pop by our reception and we will load some free inter-campus bus passes onto your Snapper card.

The movies

Most cinemas in Wellington charge $12-$13 for a student ticket. Pretty good value considering Wellington’s cinemas include the iconic Embassy theatre. Being a student doesn’t mean you need to miss out on seeing the latest blockbuster on the big screen!

Cheap food nights

Lots of places in Wellington do a reduced price evening one night of every week. Chow on Tory Street is a VUWSA favourite, with their two-for-one meal deal every Monday. Grab your study buddy and take that well deserved break (without breaking the bank). You can even get it delivered to your door! There’s also the Wellington Night Market on in the idle of Cuba Street and Left Bank on Friday and Saturday nights—plenty of exotic and delicious options here!

The Night Markets on Left Bank and Cuba Mall


It can be daunting moving on from the family doctor when coming to a new city for study, but did you know Mauri Ora Student Health is free for all full-time students? The friendly team right here at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington can help you get back to feeling tip-top without any of the financial worries.

Weekly produce markets

Every Wednesday during Trimester 1 and 2 (but not during study breaks), VUWSA brings our local fruit and veg guy up to the Tim Beaglehole courtyard so you don’t miss out on your 5+ a day. If you study down at Pipitea, you can catch the market outside Rutherford House on Tuesdays. It’s an easy way to top up the fridge and save money on your grocery bills—without even leaving campus. But if you forget your shopping list during the week, Wellington certainly provides—with farmers’ markets all over the city during the weekends.


University Recreation have a great range of services and facilities for students no matter what kind of exercise you’re into. Come by one of their drop-in sport sessions. They are free, flexible, and open to everyone—perfect for students who are keen to stay active and meet like-minded people. If you are after a membership, it would be hard to find a cheaper option than University Recreation.

University Recreation has lots of classes and facilities for students to enjoy at a cheap rate!

Free food

Thanks to our mates over at Kaibosh, every Friday VUWSA has free food available from Kelburn reception. It can vary week to week, but you can usually score yourself some yum bakery goodies, fruit and veg, or pantry staples.

Welly walks

While everyone knows the Mount Victoria lookout is a classic Wellington must-do, there are heaps of walks equally as breathtaking (sometimes literally) that are close to the city centre and known to locals. Brooklyn wind turbine hosts amazing views and an up-close look of what brings the city to light. Mount Kaukau is another peak worth conquering, or if hills are just not for you, go to Red Rocks on the south coast and enjoy a killer sunset.

Hannah Fleming is VUWSA’s communications and marketing manager. She has a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Majoring in Marketing from Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

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