Wellbeing tips for the mid-year break

Wellbeing tips for the mid-year break

The mid-year break is just about here! Planning ways to look after your wellbeing will help you wind down and be ready to do your best in Trimester 2. Amanda Hargreaves, Manager Student Wellbeing, offers some tips to get your relax on during the break.

Our Student Wellbeing manager Amanda Hargreaves wishes you a peaceful, relaxing break.

It can be useful to reflect on the concept of hauora when considering how to approach your time out and care for your wellbeing. Some of you may not be planning to have a break but will keep up the juggle of study, paid work, caring for children, siblings or older family members. No matter what your plan is, see if you can squeeze a few moments in there for yourself along the way.

Let’s face it, some of us are pretty fried after all that has happened over the last few months. Take time to acknowledge your taha hinengaro (emotional and mental wellbeing) and choose a couple of activities that allow you to laugh and to feel good and mentally refreshed. Maybe it’s finally doing some leisure reading, getting creative, or having a cuppa outside, consciously breathing in the very fresh winter air.

The Bubble will be back open in Tri 2. Head along to enjoy some chill time on the bean bags.

Doing things that connect us to our identity, contribute to our self-worth and make us feel good about ourselves support our taha wairua (spiritual wellbeing). Head back home if you can and re-connect with whānau, walk on the beach at sunrise (yeah right) or sunset (more like it), or find inspirational quotes for each day.

When it comes to our taha tinana (physical wellbeing), a body blast is the answer for some. For others, yoga or a gentle 20-minute wander to the shops is a better fit. Anything that makes you a little out of breath is good. Plan these moments out during each week and make them happen. If you need encouragement, commit to doing them with a mate which will help get you turning up. Getting quality sleep and eating well are also biggies for our physical wellbeing.

Come to Level 2 of the Student Union Building and check out The Bubble wellbeing space.

Time with those important to us nurtures our taha whānau (social wellbeing), but let’s face it, sometimes we just want to do our own thing too. Plan to catch up with mates, visit a grandparent or sit in a busy place and enjoy the vibe around you. Your time out is precious, so find the balance between hanging out with others and taking time to be alone.

Looking after our own wellbeing sometimes comes second, third, or is way down the end of the queue. Committing to doing a few things here and there for ourselves can be challenging but the benefits are huge in supporting us to unwind after a frantic time and prepare to achieve those study goals and enjoy a successful trimester. Go well everyone.

Amanda Hargreaves is the manager of the Student Wellbeing team at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington.

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