Ten top tips for keeping it together during 2018

Ten top tips for keeping it together during 2018

Starting, or returning, to student life at Victoria is exciting. There’s always a buzz on campus with students beginning the academic year full of hope and expectation.

But we know there’s also a period of adjustment regardless of whether you’re a first year or returning student, and the pressure ramps up quickly with a full timetable of lectures, tutorials, labs, assignments and enjoying all that Wellington has to offer.

And, before you know it, you may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed and that is completely normal and okay.

After nearly sixteen years here at Victoria and after meeting literally thousands of students, here’s some things that I’ve noticed successful students do:

  1. They attend most, if not all, of their lectures, tutorials and labs—right from the start and right to the end of the trimester
  2. They don’t compare their lives, selves and routines with others—they believe in themselves!
  3. They make sure their classmates, tutors and (if possible) lecturers know who they are…go on, introduce yourself to the person next to you right now!

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    4. They quickly establish a daily and weekly routine to keep their lives balanced. This includes:

  • – Daily exercise
    – Chill time each day where they are not studying or socialising
    – Getting some decent nutritious food each day and not skipping breakfast
    – Getting to sleep before midnight and sleeping in your own bed (…most nights of the week!)
    – Keeping up with their studies, readings and assignments

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  • 5. They keep connected regularly with family and friends back home
  • 6. They proactively make new friendships and take advantage of new friendship opportunities
  • 7. They are realistic about pressured times and don’t panic when things get stressful

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  • 8. They take life one day at a time when the pressure is on
  • 9. They recognise early when they are feeling down, isolated, anxious or fearful AND they do something about it!
  • 10. They are not afraid to ask for help—from academics, friends, family or support staff

Looking after your mind and body is an important part of study stamina as it help avoids burn out. Prioritise your health and wellbeing at all times, not just during down times or highly pressured times.

Student Counselling have a range of resources and workshops available for you to help yourself, and we also have confidential short-term and solution-focused counselling for all Victoria students. For most students, it’s free.

Gerard Hoffman—a Victoria Commerce and Administration graduate who also holds a post-graduate diploma in social work—is a Counsellor and the Manager at Student Counselling at Mauri Ora.

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