Stay caffeinated in Wellington’s study-friendly cafés

Stay caffeinated in Wellington’s study-friendly cafés

For both locals and locals-to-be, it’s no mystery that Wellington’s coffee culture is the gift that keeps on giving. Arts and law student Fergielyn Catayoc has discovered the best cafés in town to enjoy a fresh brew and crack open the text books.

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Exam season is upon us once again, bringing those long study sessions. When the confines of your poorly-insulated, power-saving flat is no longer a viable option and you dread the idea of hushed libraries, cafés are a sure-fire way to be with the outside world (while ignoring the outside world) and get some work done.

Here’s my top picks for some of Wellington’s best spots for just a quick coffee or to set yourself up for a study session.

Gemini Café

Gemini Café is perfect for both study and the ‘gram, offering Pinterest-like backdrops to make you feel like you’re on top of your revision. A new café tucked away on Tory Street, Gemini Café features big tables, giving you plenty of space to spread out your entire academic career, with the added bonus of free Wi-Fi.

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New kid on the block, Kopitiam (which means ‘coffee shop’) offers traditional Malaysian coffee and cute steamed buns to match. Located on Vivian Street, Kopitiam neighbours Te Aro campus, making it an ideal spot for those who need a quick grab-and-go before hitting the books again.

Image credit: Kopitiam

Kaffee Eis

With longer opening hours than your traditional café, Cuba Street’s Kaffee Eis has been home to many late-night study sessions. Here you’ll find free Wi-Fi, great desk space, and the occasional banger of a playlist. Kaffee Eis is famous for its gelato, so the option of switching between caffeine hits and sweet gelato boosts makes for happy studying.

Image credit: Kaffee Eis


Hidden away amongst steel structures and business, business, business, Gales is a little treasure just behind the Old Government Buildings of Pipitea campus. Want to get some good ol’ fashion pen-to-paper studying done without the distraction of Wi-Fi? Gales is the perfect place, bringing you the quickest-made coffee of your life, affordable food, and the sweetest staff to match—all while staying in the heart of the CBD.

Fergielyn Catayoc is a fourth-year arts and law student and is also a Campus Coach. She’s always on the hunt for new study-friendly cafes­—find out some of Fergielyn’s other favourite spots.

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